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The Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bag is a timeless piece from Chanel but did you know that there are new colors available for this season? Chanel heard all your pleas and requests ladies so it’s now bringing you these stylish and plush Mini Classic Flap Bags in several rich shades that you can choose from.

With its beloved thick diamond quilting effect and its interwoven chain strap, it’s no wonder that the Mini Classic Flap Bag remains a true classic up to this date. The classic CC logo and clasp is still there which is an absolute no-brainer beauty!

For this season, the Chanel Mini Classic Flap Bag is available in the colors of plum (dark violet), royal red, black, and flesh nude color.

As per August 2016, the price is $2700 USD, €2250 euro and £1910 GBP. The size is 5.3′ x 6.7′ x 3.1′ inches, available via Chanel boutique.


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Loewe Barcelona Shoulder Bag + Self Portrait Azaelea Guipure-Lace Illusion Dress

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Chloe Mini Tasseled Hudson Saddle Bag

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The Chloe Hudson Handbag has been around for some time. I have looked at it on and off, but the Chloe saddle bag style always seemed a bit plain to me. Not that there is anything wrong with the saddle bag style, but the Chloe Hudson has just never managed to “wow” me. That is, until now. I stumbled upon this latest rendition and it caught me by complete surprise! Take a moment and discover the new Chloe Mini Tasseled Hudson Saddle Bag!

The tassel detailing is what I love most about this bag! They actually remind me a teensy bit of Katherine Kwei. I love the giant tassels. They form a heavy skirt around the edge of the flap, which is sort of unique when it comes to Chloe. And they have that almost knotted look at the base. I also really like the contrasting textures. The body of the bag is smooth and stiff, which the tassels appear soft and textured (suede facing out).

This bag is very simple and structured, yet playful at the same time. It would compliment a casual look, such as denim paired with a blouse, nicely.

chloe hudson fringe bag

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Last time we featured the Givenchy Classic Iconic Logo Strap Wallet, today we want to give you a better look.

While some designers in the fashion world stopped printing ‘large logos’ on their accessories, because they’re so out-of-date, well…Givenchy don’t give a ****. And they shouldn’t because this bag is stunning.

The Givenchy Classic Iconic Logo Strap Wallet is made minimalistic while the center is printed with the brand’s signature: ‘Givenchy Paris’. The bag is easy-to-match with street or urban styles. And it’s nice as an evening bag or a mini bag, because of the size.

The interior functions exactly like you will expect from a WOC, with credit card slots, zip pocket divider and other pockets. It’s certainly a great investment. Priced at $990 USD, €902 euro.

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Céline Bets Heavily on a New Frame Bag on Its Spring 2017 Runway

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It first occurred to me that we might be in for a frame bag renaissance a couple seasons ago when Mansur Gavriel started making a clutch with a frame closure as its central design feature. A top-handled frame day bag followed the next season (and is recently available in stores), and in the past, the brand has proved prescient in predicting the simple structures that style-forward women will want to carry. IfCéline's resounding endorsement of retro-modern frame bags on its Spring 2017 runway is any indication, we're about to see a lot of simple, structured 1950s throwbacks.


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